About Us

Our Vision

Drawing is an acquired skill and something that you don't need to be born with. We believe that anyone can learn how to draw and create art. 

We want to enable you to take the right steps and learn the skills to make art your profession. 

Helping you master the different aspects of illustration and make your impact in the world as an independent artist is our primary goal.

Rahul Patil

Founder and Instructor

I'm an Independent Illustrator and Comic Artist based in Mumbai, India and I love telling stories through my art.
I enjoy creating children's book illustrations, comic books, web comics and personalised illustrations for invitations.

Having worked as a 3D artist for eight years prior, I have been working as an independent artist since January 2020 and have worked on a large number of individual artworks and projects since. I have worked for various clients as well as on personal projects. 

You can find my work on Instagram.